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What is an Entertainment Agency? Back to basic

A basic intro to lead you in the world of Entertainment. What is an entertainment agency? How does it work, what is it used for? What are the pros and cons? All questions that concern you will be answered here.

What is an entertainment agency?

An entertainment agency, also known as a talent agency, show agency, or booking agency, plays a crucial role in the event business. Essentially, it is a professional agency that represents and manages a diverse catalog of artists across various fields of the live entertainment industry.

The scope of an entertainment agency can be wide-ranging, covering areas such as movies, music, acting, performing arts, and more. Depending on their expertise and focus, an agency may specialize in specific segments of the entertainment industry. For instance, some agencies exclusively work with event planners, assisting them in finding the perfect acts and performers for their events. Others may have established partnerships with circuses, cabarets, amusement parks, television shows, hotels, or even cruise companies, providing talent for their specific entertainment needs.

The primary function of an entertainment agency is to serve as an intermediary between artists and clients. They act as a bridge, connecting talented individuals with opportunities to showcase their skills and provide entertainment for various events and venues. These agencies often have an extensive network and industry connections, enabling them to identify and recommend suitable artists based on the specific requirements and preferences of their clients.

In addition to artist representation, entertainment agencies may also offer additional services such as contract negotiations, event planning assistance, and logistical support. They work closely with both artists and clients to ensure smooth and successful collaborations, facilitating a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Overall, an entertainment agency plays a vital role in the event business by curating a diverse roster of artists and providing valuable expertise and industry insights. Through their extensive networks and specialized knowledge, they contribute to the success and memorable experiences of various events, adding entertainment value and helping clients bring their creative visions to life.

It can also be applied in various fields of the live entertainment business such as movie, music, acting, performing, ... Then, the so-called agency will be more or less specialized in some areas. For example an entertainment agency could be working solely with event planners while others work with circuses, cabarets, amusement parks, television shows, hotels or even cruise companies.

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What is the aim of using an entertainment agency?

The aim of using an entertainment agency is to leverage their expertise and knowledge of the entertainment market, providing clients with guidance and access to a wide range of artists and performers. Whether the clients are individuals, companies, or event planners, they often lack the time and in-depth understanding of the entertainment industry.

For individuals or companies organizing an event, navigating the vast pool of artists and performers can be overwhelming. They may not be aware of the diverse entertainment options available and may struggle to identify what best suits their needs and expectations. An entertainment agency acts as a valuable resource, assisting clients in understanding their options and finding the perfect entertainment for their specific event requirements.

Even for experienced event planners, the entertainment landscape is constantly evolving, and new talents emerge frequently. Having an entertainment agency as a trusted partner allows event planners to tap into their expertise and gain insights into new and emerging artists. The agency can provide advice, recommendations, and help discover hidden talents that align with the client's vision and preferences.

In any industry, professionals possess a deeper understanding of the market, trends, and talent pool. By working with an entertainment agency, clients can benefit from their specialized knowledge and connections. The agency's role is not only to guide clients in selecting the best artist for their event but also to introduce them to fresh, exciting talents that may be a perfect fit.

In summary, the aim of using an entertainment agency is to tap into their expertise and industry knowledge. They assist clients in navigating the entertainment market, offering guidance, and introducing them to a variety of artists and performers. By leveraging the agency's insights and connections, clients can make informed decisions and discover new talents that perfectly align with their event goals.

How does an entertainment agency work?

An entertainment agency operates by offering a diverse catalog of performers and shows, categorized based on their specialties. Whether it's a jazz group or a diabolo juggler, the agency presents a range of options for clients to choose from. The agency's expertise comes into play when providing instant feedback on whether a particular artist would be a good fit for the client's venue, event theme, or desired ambiance.

Clients have the flexibility to browse through the agency's catalog and select the show that aligns with their preferences. Alternatively, they can collaborate with the agency throughout the selection process, receiving guidance and recommendations tailored to their specific requirements.

When a client books an artist through an entertainment agency, the agency receives a commission fee. This fee is typically a percentage of the artist's fee and can either be added on top of the performer's salary or incorporated into the overall cost. The specific commission percentage varies between 10% to 20%, determined by the discretion of the chosen entertainment agency.

By working with an entertainment agency, clients benefit from the agency's knowledge of the entertainment industry, their curated selection of performers, and their ability to provide valuable insights and recommendations. The agency acts as a liaison, facilitating the booking process and ensuring a seamless experience for both the client and the artist.

Advantages and inconveniences of working with an entertainment agency in the event business

Working with an entertainment agency in the event business offers several advantages, but it also comes with certain inconveniences. Let's explore both sides of the equation.


  1. Access to a diverse talent pool: One of the significant benefits of working with an entertainment agency is gaining access to a diverse talent pool. These agencies have extensive networks and connections within the entertainment industry, allowing them to present a wide range of performers and acts. Clients can choose from various artists, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their event.

  2. Expertise and guidance: Entertainment agencies possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in the entertainment market. They can provide valuable guidance to clients, helping them select the right performers based on their event requirements, venue, and target audience. With their experience, agencies can offer insights into trends, popular acts, and unique entertainment options, ensuring clients make informed decisions.

  3. Streamlined booking process: Working with an agency simplifies the booking process. The agency handles negotiations, contracts, and logistics, saving clients time and effort. They act as intermediaries between clients and artists, ensuring smooth communication and seamless coordination. This allows clients to focus on other aspects of event planning, knowing that the entertainment component is well taken care of.

  4. Industry connections and relationships: Entertainment agencies often have established relationships with venues, event planners, and other industry professionals. This can be advantageous for clients, as agencies can leverage these connections to secure favorable deals, preferred time slots, or exclusive performances. Their network can open doors to unique opportunities and enhance the overall event experience.


  1. Cost considerations: One of the main inconveniences of working with an entertainment agency is the additional cost involved. Agencies typically charge a commission or fee on top of the artist's fee. This can increase the overall budget for entertainment, which may be a limitation for clients with tight financial constraints.

  2. Limited control and personalization: When working with an agency, clients may have limited control over the selection process and the final outcome. While agencies offer a curated roster of performers, it may not always align perfectly with the client's vision or preferences. Clients may have specific ideas or requirements that the agency cannot fulfill, limiting their ability to personalize the entertainment experience.

  3. Potential miscommunication or mismatch: Despite the agency's efforts to understand client needs, miscommunications or mismatches can occur. The agency may not fully grasp the client's vision, resulting in the selection of artists who do not meet expectations. Additionally, clients may feel that the agency's recommendations do not align with their desired event atmosphere or target audience.

  4. Reliance on agency availability: Depending on the agency's workload and availability, clients may experience delays or limitations in securing their preferred artists. Agencies may have multiple clients and ongoing projects, which can affect their responsiveness and ability to accommodate specific requests in a timely manner.

In conclusion, working with an entertainment agency in the event business offers access to a diverse talent pool, industry expertise, and a streamlined booking process. However, it is important to consider the additional cost, potential limitations in control and personalization, and the reliance on agency availability. Clients should carefully weigh the advantages and inconveniences to make an informed decision that best suits their event objectives and budget.

Where does Funly stand as an agency?

Funly presents itself as a new type of artistic agency, seeking to revolutionize the way event agencies and entertainment professionals work. In an era where new technologies and internet applications greatly facilitate direct connections between artists and clients seeking their services for their events, Funly positions itself as a catalyst for this evolution.

Unlike traditional artistic agencies that provide specific services, Funly focuses on centralizing all artists, regardless of their field, and offers the artist closest to you, whether in your city or country. It is a true directory where artists have the opportunity to showcase their work through photos or videos. Instead of advising clients on choosing an artist that perfectly matches their needs, Funly shows them all the possibilities in terms of artists nearby.

To do this, our artistic agency does not impose any commission or fees on the final client. Only artists or entertainment companies pay to be listed in our directory and be recommended to clients. This is a true revolution in the field, as there are no additional costs to consider, apart from the artist's fee or performance expenses. Funly is probably the only agency currently on the market that is entirely free for clients! As for artists, they only need to pay a small annual fee to be listed.

This innovative approach offers several advantages. Firstly, it greatly simplifies the process of finding artists for clients. Instead of contacting different agencies and waiting for proposals, Funly allows them to directly browse a wide range of available artists in their region, giving them greater freedom of choice.

Additionally, Funly provides increased visibility for artists by allowing them to showcase their work in an attractive and accessible way to a wider audience. Through this online directory, artists can highlight their talent and creativity, opening up new professional opportunities.

Furthermore, Funly encourages collaboration between artists and clients by facilitating direct communication and eliminating intermediaries. This not only streamlines administrative processes but also ensures better communication between the parties involved, leading to more successful and personalized events.

Funly opens up new perspectives in the artistic agency industry by combining the power of new technologies with an innovative approach. By directly connecting artists and clients, providing increased visibility to local talents, and simplifying the process of artist search and booking, our agency is reinventing the way artistic events are organized. With its free service for clients and minimal registration fees for artists, our agency offers a fair and advantageous solution for all stakeholders in the world of artistic creation.

How does your agency get paid?

In a rapidly growing event industry with an increasing number of various entertainment agencies, it is important to set the record straight. Many agencies do not offer more than what Funly provides. They also have artist directories but sometimes charge exorbitant and unjustified fees without offering genuine advice. That is why we have decided to launch our own online directory of artists and shows to counter these practices.

Our goal is to put an end to these practices by offering clients transparent and fair access to a wide range of artists and shows. We believe that every client deserves to have choices and be fully informed about the available possibilities. Our entertainment agency provides an online directory of artists that allows clients to discover the talents available in their region without having to bear unjustified additional costs.

We also recognize the importance of genuine entertainment agencies that possess the expertise and talent necessary to advise their clients and offer exceptional artists and shows. We are not seeking to compete with these agencies but rather to provide a transparent and accessible alternative. Our objective is to complement their services by providing a convenient tool for the initial search of artists and shows.

At Funly, we believe in the creativity and diversity of artists. Our online directory allows artists to showcase their work in an attractive and accessible manner to a wider audience. We encourage artists to break away from the ordinary, push the boundaries of their creativity, and offer unique performances. Our platform provides increased visibility for emerging talents and independent artists who are seeking to gain recognition.

We are aware that the final choice of an artist or show depends on the specific preferences and needs of each client. Therefore, we encourage clients to seek the expertise and personalized advice of traditional entertainment agencies. Our online directory of artists aims to facilitate the initial search process by providing a wide range of options, while still allowing entertainment agencies to offer informed recommendations and advice.

Funly positions itself as a complementary and transparent solution in the landscape of entertainment agencies. We believe in fairness and freedom of choice for clients, while also valuing the talent and creativity of artists. With our online directory of artists, we aim to contribute to the dynamics of the event industry by providing an accessible platform where clients can explore possibilities and artists can gain visibility.

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