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Posted 01/12/2022 in Events

What is benefit of an entertainment agency?

Did you ever need to find entertainment for a party and not to where to start? Or, maybe you are a musician and don’t know how to find a gig on your own. That’s where the entertainment agency comes in: they will marry events with artists together. Maybe you’re in need of a clown for a child’s birthday party, a fabulous comedian for a stag party, then search out an entertainment agency. A full service entertainment agency provides entertainers of all kinds for all types of corporate events as well as local.

The Entertainment Agency will mainly deal with all styles of Entertainers’ ranging from break-dancer to Jugglers and Circus acts with a stack of unique artists on their books all pushing for work!  Their range of venues can vary depending on the reputation of the entertainment agency and the chosen area of expertise.  Most of the local agents are independent and will book acts for pubs, clubs and some corporate events, whereas some of the others will concentrate mainly on providing entertainment for Cruise liners, Theatres and Hotels as well as the higher end of the market International Venues.

The only way to find out which area a specific entertainment agency specialises in, is to visit their websites or find adverts in local rag or trade directories.  If you are searching for an agent who represents a host of talent under one umbrella then places like talents-productions.com are an all-rounder. An entertainment agent that can guarantee their many acts on their books and are required by their bookers to provide a variety of entertainers.When you make contact with an entertainment agency they will ask you for some details of your event like the date and location of the event, the approximate number of guests attending, the preferred style of act you need and it’s then their job to match your requirements with a number of different acts. This is all designed to take all the pressure off you and provide you and your staff, friends or family with a night to remember and all thanks to your event planner or agency.

Another big advantage of using an entertainment agency is the time they save you. Not only do they save time in coming up with a shortlist of different acts, but they also save time once you have selected an act. The agency draws up any contracts, deals with the Invoicing and financial side of the event. Plus answering any questions you have or special requests to pass onto the magician. The third advantage of using an Agency is in the event that something goes wrong. If for some reason the act you’ve chosen has to pull out of the event due to sickness, then your agency will be quickly able to find a replacement. Sure it may cost you a bit of money, but for the peace of mind it’s well worth the trouble.

Most of us don’t hire live entertainment every day, so that’s why it makes perfect sense to turn to the professional entertainment agencies who can match you with the acts that will please your audience.

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