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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I find my category listed?

We have misted most of the categories but it is possible that we are missing some. It is not that we are not interested! Please contact us and we will review your category.

What means "lead"? What it is?

A "Lead" is a client request. If you have subscribed to a FREE pack, you will be asked to pay in order to see the client's request and of course the client's details. If you have chosen the PREMIUM pack, there is nothing extra to pay.

If I register as an artist on your website to work with you, am I still allowed to work and get gigs on my own?

Of course, by registering on our website, you do not give us any exclusivity of any sort. That means that you will still be able to get gigs elesewhere on your own.

How do you know I will get some work by registering?

There is no obligation at all. It is just free to register. This plateforme just gives you an "extra" chance to get some more work aside. It will not change your life but give you more opportunities.

Do you charge a % from the events which will go through?

We do not charge any percentage. The deal will only be done between the artist and the client as we do not act as an intermediary.

Do you represent me as an agenda for those events regarding contracts etc.?

You could be seeing us as an agenda for those events but we are more like a plateforme to put together clients and artists. Remember, we do not even write the contract.

I am located in one country but what if I am looking for a job in another country?

When you fill in the form, you should specify in which city/country you are at the moment. Nevertheless, in your presentation, specify that you are willing to travel and open to work in your desired country.