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Posted 15/09/2023 in Entertainment

Book a local male dancer for your event: Find male dancers nearby


Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Male Dancer, including how much a Male Dancer costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice, and information to help make your event one to remember!

Whether it's for your Wedding, Party, Corporate Event, Cruise Ship contract, or any other occasion, a Male Dancer from Funly.com will elevate your event with a professionally choreographed dance routine designed to entertain and dazzle.

What Exactly Will a Male Dancer Do at Your Event?

‘What will hiring a Male Dancer do for my event?’ you may be asking yourself? Well, when you hire a Male Dancer from Funly.com, you're bringing on board a professionally trained dancer who will entice your audience to dance alongside them or simply leave them in awe!

A Male Dancer can perform all your favorite dances, encouraging the whole crowd to join in! From the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, or even the ‘Macarena’, a Male Dancer will make sure your audience has a blast.

Primarily, a Male Dancer will entertain your audience with a fantastic live show that adds that wow factor to your celebrations and impresses your guests, regardless of their entertainment preferences.

What Event Types are Male Dancers Hired For?

Book a Male Dancer for Wedding Entertainment:

  • Wedding Evening Reception Entertainment: If you want to spice up the music entertainment at your wedding evening reception, then why not hire a Male Dancer from Funly.com? They'll dance to any style of music you have in mind, be it Pop, Dance, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Hip-Hop, or Ballroom, tailoring the performance to suit your preferences.

Consider hiring more than one Male Dancer to visually enhance your wedding reception's entertainment. Whether it's romantic Male Dancing like salsa or energetic party dancing, Funly.com has the perfect Male Dancer for your wedding reception!

  • Corporate Event Entertainment: Wow your co-workers at your corporate event by hiring a Male Dancer from Funly.com to break the ice and show them how to dance. They can lead the way with their dances, ensuring everybody in the room is following their steps and having a great time.

A Male Dancer is a perfect addition to events like product launches or shop openings, where they can draw in the crowds and create a lively, engaging atmosphere.

  • Dance Classes: Hire a Male Dancer from Funly.com to teach you how to dance like a pro! Improve your dancing skills, fitness, and confidence under their expert guidance.

  • Party Entertainment: For private parties that need a dose of excitement, consider hiring a Male Dancer from Funly.com to showcase professional, choreographed dance moves. They'll tailor their performance to suit your party's theme and vibe, ensuring your guests have a memorable time.

How Much Do Male Dancers Cost to Hire?

Our easy-to-use entertainment directory at Funly.com allows you to search for the best Male Dancers who are local or willing to travel to your area. You can contact them directly for a no-obligation quote to perform at your event. Many acts will provide a rough price guide on their profile for your convenience.

What Are the Usual Set Formats and Performance Length for Male Dancers?

A Male Dancer can customize their performance to suit your event, whether it's a short and fast-paced 15-minute set or longer, multiple sets.

How Much Space Will a Male Dancer Need at Your Event?

The space required depends on the type of dance you're looking for. For a show involving 2 or more dancers, a stage of approximately 16ft x 5ft is needed. If you want a single dancer for a specific routine, less room will be required. Feel free to contact the Male Dancer from Funly.com to inquire about their space requirements.

What Equipment and Set-Up Requirements Do Male Dancers Need?

Male Dancers listed on Funly.com typically provide most of their own equipment. They may need a PA system to amplify their music during the performance, so feel free to inquire about their specific needs. Additionally, performers usually request a backstage area to prepare for the performance.

How Can You Find and Book a Male Dancer with Funly.com?

Simply enter your location in the search field on Funly.com and you'll be presented with a list of Male Dancers who are local or willing to perform in your area. From there, you can view each act's full profile to get all the information you need, watch their videos, and read previous client reviews. Contact the act directly to book a Male Dancer for your event and ensure an unforgettable experience!

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