Meïdulla : three voices from northern Italy and the Maritime Alps driven by the same passion for A Cappella singing and of which the Mediterranean Sea is the point of convergence. Accomplices, they interpret a repertoire in which the multiple facets of southern women are revealed: vitality, tenderness, impertinence, mischief, fragility, roots, desire, mistreatment, commitment ...
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Technical requirements

Because of its form and its repertoire, the Meidulla trio is particularly comfortable in places of resonance (Chappelle, Church, Cloister and any space with generous acoustics). It is therefore not necessary to use an amplification system. In other contexts, the following will be essential: Marie: 1 micro sm58- Claudia: 1 micro sm58- Eleonora: 1 micro sm58 1 wedge in center stage 2 slides with separate circuits. Reverb Hall.

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