DUO FINLANDIA was created in 2010 by the accordionist and pianist Mauricio Candussi (Argentina) and the violoncellist Raphael Evangelista (Brazil). From lounge and instrumental music, they evolved into a fusion of South American sounds, folk, electronics, flirting with jazz, using accordion, violoncello, keyboard and electronics. DUO FINLANDIA got inspired by their personal influences, the traditional rhythms of their countries of origin they grew up with. Despite their deeply-rooted origins within popular culture, they grew up in urban cities, which magnified their cultural outlook with more contemporary musical influences, such as jazz and electronics. After 7 years of existence, 5 albums and shows in 17 Latin American and European countries, they received critical acclaim from the international press and awards (Best instrumental group 2011 by the Brazilian Award Hangar, Best Brazilian artists 2015 by Showlivre and Top 20 Best Brazilian album of 2015 by Embrulhador Award).
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Technical requirements

Duo Finlandia is composed of two artists, Mauricio Candussi and Raphael Evangelista. They can be accompanied by an executive producer. In case the place is equipped with a projector, the two musicians can be accompanied by videos made by the Bolivian visual artist Pablo Sosa Caba and projected by the French VJ Natasha Lemaire.

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