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Good Times Foundation is a funk/soul cover band from the French Riviera / Nice and Monaco. In summer 2017 the group played at the 57th Jazz festival of Juan les Pins (Jazz Off) as well as the 15th Cap Jazz in Cap d’Ail. More recently in September 2017 Good Times Foundation was invited to play at the opening gala organised by the support associations of Monte-Carlo Ballets and Opera in the legendary Opera House of Monte-Carlo. The public will feel encompassed by the rhythm upon hearing the first notes, feeling the urge to get up and dance, driven by the group's positive energy.
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Technical requirements

COMPOSITION DU GROUPE : 1 chanteuse, 1 chanteur, 1 gtr/keyb/chœur, 1 gtr, 1 bass, 1 bat. 1 tp, 1 sax alto, 1 sax tén., 1 percu. Infrastructure : La surface utile minimale pour l’installation du groupe est de 35 M² : Ouverture minimale : 7m Profondeur minimale : 5m. Hauteur minimale : 0.80m. Retours : 8 canaux - Patch son : 1 KICK D112 / BETA52 2 SNARE BETA56 / SM57 3 HH KM181 / C451B 4 HIGH TOM 10 BETA 98 AD 5 MEDIUM TOM 12 BETA 98 AD 6 BASS TOM 14 BETA 98 AD 7 OH LEFT C414 8 OH RIGHT C414 9 BASSE (Fred) DI BOX 10 GTR 1 (Patrick) SM57 11 GTR 2 (Johan) SM57 12&13 CLAVIER 1 (Johan) DI BOX x2 14&15 CLAVIER 2 (Johan) DI BOX x2 16 CHANT 1 (Henriikka) BETA58 HF 17 CHANT 2 (Paul) BETA58 HF 18 CHŒUR GTR (Johan) SM58 19 CHŒUR PERCU (Didier) SM58 20 BONGOS (Didier) C414 / KM184 21 CONGA 1 (Didier) KM184 22 CONGA 2 (Didier) KM184 23 TROMPETTE (Eddy) E908B (HF) 24 SAX TENOR (Freddy) E908B (HF) 25 SAX ALTO (Christophe) E908B (HF)

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