Dián Wilson is a fabulous American singer. Great vocals and stage presence. Several genres to choose from and the audience always leaves wanting to hear more of her singing, no matter what the style. Classics such as Sarah Vaughan, to Chaka Khan R&B funk. She is also an excellent rock n roll performer. Dián makes musical moments magical. dianwilson dot com
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Technical requirements

Dián is an excellent solo artist with connections to music for duo to big band arrangements. Depending on your needs, she can perform solo or with up to 24 piece band. The choice is yours. What is your musical need and desire? The microphone should be of excellent quality to appreciate the wonderful vocal qualities she brings to the music and stage. Arena and stage/venue size are the important determining factors. Once we know the logistics of this we can then properly determine the specific technical information and notes for the performances.

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