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The Sunshine Experience is the first and only KC and The Sunshine Band tribute act in the world! ? It may be hard to believe because KC and The Sunshine Band have had five #1 hits and sold over 100 million records. KC virtually single handedly created the dance revolution of the 70’s and beyond. His music has been played everywhere on the planet, yet he remains unsung in the tribute world, until now.....
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Technical requirements

The Sunshine Experience - technical rider Band supplies in ears, laptop, iPad, audio interface, mixer for laptop, headphones LEAD VOCAL 2 - Shure wireless mics (one for backup), no mic stand 2 - Monitors? 2 - Monitor mixes (one for in ears, one for monitors) GUITAR Fender twin reverb amp (or similar)? Shure 57 to mic amp? 1 - Monitor mix for in ears BASS Gallien Krueger Head & Harkte cabinet (or similar) 1 – DI? 1 - Monitor mix for in ears (shared with horns) DRUMS Mic all drums?? 1 - Sub?monitor 1 - Monitor mix for in ears Table for laptop, iPad, audio interface, iPod and mixer TRUMPET & SAX 2 - Straight mic stands 1 - Monitor mix for in ears (shared with bass) SUMMARY 2 - Monitors (lead vocal)? 5 - Monitor mixes 7 - DIs (4 for the laptop, 2 for iPad, 1 for bass)? 2 - Straight mic stands? 2 - Shure wireless mics? 1 - Shure 57 mic? 1 - Drum kit mics *1 changing area for singer and dancers during show

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