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Skating Willers

London, England, N17 6TB

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About Skating Willers

In bustling London, a world-acclaimed circus act mesmerizes audiences with death-defying rollerskating stunts atop a compact 2 by 2 meter table. This remarkable performance epitomizes creativity and agility, showcasing a dazzling display of acrobatics and mesmerizing routines that are synonymous with a traditional circus act. The performers, donned in vibrant, eye-catching costumes, glide onto the stage on their trusty rollerskates, their movements perfectly synchronized with the rhythmic beats of the music that sets the pace for the awe-inspiring spectacle.

With a grace that belies the confines of the small table, they execute spins, flips, jumps, and somersaults, each movement a testament to their skill and years of dedicated practice. The close quarters of the table challenge them to push boundaries, demonstrating their acrobatic prowess in an intimate setting. The precision and coordination displayed by this circus act are nothing short of phenomenal, leaving the audience gasping in amazement.

As the performance progresses, the circus artists escalate the excitement, culminating in a jaw-dropping finale that defies gravity and leaves spectators in awe. The intimate setting of the 2 by 2 meter table amplifies the intensity of the act, drawing the audience into the heart of the performance. The electrifying energy in the room is palpable, and the applause that follows is thunderous, a resounding acknowledgment of the astonishing display of talent and the enduring allure of the circus arts. This internationally recognized circus act reminds the world of the magic that unfolds when skill, dedication, and creativity converge, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of all who witness their extraordinary feats.

Contact Information

Company Name
Skating Willers
33 Whitley Rd
London, England, N17 6TB
United Kingdom

Company Details

Minimum price upon invoice
Duration of your Performance
(In minutes)
5 minutes
Basic technical needs
We require a minimum height of 4 meters and a stage of 2.20 by 2.20 m
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