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Aerial act - Entertainers Results - Canada

Jérémy Vitupier

Duo Patins à roulettes avec Annie-Kim Déry - Clown - Porteur - Bicyclette acrobatique

Montréal, Quebec, H2S 2S3, Canada

Yuet Ka Chan

Specialized in Aerial Straps, Silks, Duo Straps and LED Aerial Hoop. Have professional training experience with gymnastics, contemporary dance and theatrical acting.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hunish Parmar

Hunish Parmar is an Aerial straps artist, who recently competed in the International Festival Mondial de Cirque de Demain 2024. 

Montréal, Québec, H2L 2S8, Canada

Jade-Emmanuelle Amyot

Jade-Emmanuelle is a professional artist from the world of circus and dance. Focusing onrnthe aerial art

Québec City, Quebec, Canada