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Emir Buhari Erdogan

Berlin, Berlin

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About Emir Buhari Erdogan

Meet an extraordinary Turkish circus artist based in the vibrant city of Berlin, who has left an indelible mark on the international stage through his exceptional talents. With a diverse skill set encompassing cyr wheel artistry, breakdancing, and choreography, this performer has become a dynamic force in the world of contemporary circus.

Currently, he is a key member of the renowned Cirque du Soleil's "Twas The Night Before Christmas" show, where his mesmerizing cyr wheel performances contribute to the enchanting spectacle that Cirque du Soleil is celebrated for worldwide. His involvement with this iconic circus company reflects not only his individual prowess but also the global recognition of his craft.

In Germany, he has graced the stage at the GOP Variety Theater, captivating audiences with his unique blend of LED-pixel cyr wheel routines, duo cyr wheel performances, breakdance displays, and acrobatic feats. His versatility as an artist shines through in these different contexts, showcasing a range of skills that push the boundaries of traditional circus arts.

The Krystallpalast Leipzig, another distinguished venue, has also been a platform for his artistic expression. Here, he has contributed to the rich cultural tapestry of Leipzig, leaving audiences in awe with his gravity-defying acts and innovative choreography. His performances at Krystallpalast Leipzig underscore not only his technical proficiency but also his ability to engage and captivate diverse audiences.

Beyond the stage, he has taken his talents to the high seas, entertaining passengers on Europa cruises with his captivating cyr wheel routines. The fusion of his skills as a cyr wheel artist, breakdancer, and choreographer creates a dynamic and immersive experience for cruise-goers, further solidifying his reputation as a multifaceted performer.

As a Turkish artist making a mark in Berlin and beyond, he serves as a cultural ambassador, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary influences in his performances. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of circus arts and his ability to seamlessly integrate various disciplines make him a standout figure in the global entertainment landscape, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his next awe-inspiring act.

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Berlin, Berlin

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