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Crystalle Bobbe

CEO at Crystalle Performances
Berlin, Berlin

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About Crystalle Bobbe

Crystalle, a luminary in the world of performance art, weaves a tapestry of awe-inspiring aerial feats and dance, grounded in a rich educational background from prestigious institutions. Her journey began at the "Conservatoire National des Arts du Cirque et du Mime," where the foundational elements of circus arts and mime were deeply ingrained. At the "Académie Fratellini," known for its comprehensive circus arts and training programs, she honed her skills, particularly in the nuanced forms of expression required in these arts. Her education further spanned across borders to the Polish "Transport Acting School" under the guidance of Janina Szarek, a space where acting and performance arts converge, and to the "École internationale Supérieure de Trapèze Volant Jean Palacy," which allowed her to soar, literally and metaphorically, mastering the art of the flying trapeze.

Not one to confine herself to a single discipline, Crystalle also immersed herself in the grace and discipline of ballet at the "Conservatoire de Dance Classique." This diverse educational background set the stage for her specialization in the daring arts of tightrope walking and aerial techniques, both of which require a blend of fearlessness, precision, and grace.

Her career ascended to new heights with the French company "Saltimbanques," contributing to nine astounding productions in the USA and embarking on a journey through Northern Europe with the avant-garde band, the Tiger Lillies. Each performance was not just a display of skill but a narrative woven with flights of fantasy and grounded in human emotion.

Crystalle's talent and versatility were recognized and celebrated at various international events and collaborations, including the Endeavor Awards in Los Angeles (a Warner Bros. film event), the Boeing Future of Flight exhibition in Seattle, Aeromart BCI Aerospace and Airbus Bank AG Credit Mutual events in Toulouse, and a special performance at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin alongside the legendary Dennis Hopper.

Her performances, lauded at the International Titanium Association in Miami and the Industry Relations & Alumni event in Lausanne-Monte Carlo Sporting Club – Monaco, transcended mere entertainment. They were a confluence of art, culture, and technical prowess.

In a series of four distinct performances, Crystalle paid homage to the wonders of flight and aerial innovation. She brought historical figures to life, such as Amelia Earhart, and interpreted contemporary music scores by composers like Avro Pärt and Max Richter. Her performances, especially those involving choreography with flying, dancing objects referred to as "soul bodies," were more than a spectacle. They were a meditation on the human condition, an exploration of the ethereal moments of flight, and a reminder of the often-forgotten lightness of being. Through her art, Crystalle invites her audience to remember that to soar, one must first acknowledge the gravity that holds us.

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Crystalle Performances
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