About us: - Russian national team on the Flyboard: 20 professional athletes; - Participants of all 7 World Championships and European Championships (2012-2018) (today we are among the top 10 best riders in the world); - World record-holders 2015; - Records of the Guinness Book of Records 2015; - Records of Russia 2016-2017; - Winners of Russian open cups on the Flyboard; - Its own hydro-park in Moscow. New professional Canadian technology produced by the total power of all engines over 6,000 hp; - 3 own training bases in Moscow; - Own workshop for costumes and inventory for the show. Over the past 6 years, we have organized and successfully conducted more than 850 water-extreme shows on open water (lakes, rivers, seas, oceans) and in indoor facilities (pools) in Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Add a water extreme to your event!
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Technical requirements

3.1. The depth of the pool/pond/sea from 1.5 meters. 3.2. The water area per 1 rider 15*15 meters, plus when working 4 riders we need stock between the riders - 7 meters. 3.3. The ceiling height for flights (in a closed room) not less than 10 meters. 3.4. The temperature of water in a pool/pond/sea not less than 16 degrees. 3.5. Easy access to the water, for jet ski and riders (pontoon, etc). 3.6. A place to moor the jet skis (pontoon or buoy with 30 meters rope). 3.7. A place to prepare and fix the equipment with light and hose for fresh water to clean the equipment. 3.8. Water bikes (1 per rider + 1 safety jet ski for 3 riders) Yamaha or BRP or Kawasaki, power from 250 HP, the best option - BRP RXP/RXT /255/260/300, the steering should be turned off, the equipment should be fueled and ready to use (!). In perfect shape, no modifications and a recent model (less than 4 years). The quality of the jet skis will impact the quality and the safety of the show.

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